In Bocas del Toro, Republic of Panamá, well below the hurricane belt at Latitude 09° 20′ 10″ North by Longitude 082° 14′ 50” West … set in a well protected, secluded bay, lies Bocas Yacht Club and Marina. This world class, state of the art facility is proving itself to be the perfect “Safe Haven in Paradise”. If you were fortunate enough to have sailed the eastern Caribbean twenty or thirty years ago, you probably remember uncluttered beaches, clear unpolluted waters and warm friendly people. Paradise lost, right ? Well, not exactly lost…. just moved. Those beautiful white sand beaches, those warm friendly people, that pleasant patois of English and Spanish or French still exists. That Caribbean can still be found. It still thrives in the Southwestern Caribbean in an almost unknown corner of Panamá called Bocas del Toro. This little gem of an archipelago literally abounds with deserted anchorages, coral reefs, solitary beaches and much more. There are mangrove forests that can be explored by dinghy. Out of the way eco-resorts where you can stop by for a cold drink. There are towns and villages for a look at the local life style which is a mix of Caribbean black, central American Spanish and Mestizo cultures. English is widely spoken. Visit our helpful Tourism page for a glimpse of what there is to see and do in our beautiful corner of the world.